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Evaron's Fate RPG Engine

Topic Poster Pages BL Link
Fate RPG: The Beginning: Evaron 2 pages (link)
On Servants in the RPG sssssz 9 pages (link)
Fate RPG: The Final Cut? Evaron 3 pages (link)
Fate Reverse Engineered (The Main Rules) Evaron 4 pages (link)
The Chronicle Evaron 9 pages (link)
Characters visualized! CaptainOverkill 6 pages (link)
Various fanarts sssssz 3 pages (link)


Runa's Mage

Topic Poster Pages BL Link
The thread that started it all Yuenyi Runa 5 pages (link)
Mage's Association RPG (official name which... er, was lost) Yuenyi Runa 6 pages (link)
Mage transcripts! Yuenyi Runa 17 pages (link)
The return of the Mage thread!

(Which has become more Exalted than Mage: The Ascension or Type-Moon)

Banquo 3 pages (link)
Kinoko-land and The World of Darkness via Mage Chizuna 2 pages (link)


New's d20 Type-Moon

Topic Poster Pages BL Link
The main thread New 1 page (link)


BL Fighters

Topic Poster Pages BL Link
Original thread sssssz 10 (thread)
sssssz's ideas about the old-timers and the Seven Realms. sssssz 1 page (external)



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