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Technical Issues


This is an index of technical questions and issues that involve the various TYPE-MOON and TYPE-MOON-related games.


Keyword Explanation
Resolved The specific issue brought up was resolved.
Partly Resolved

At least one issue brought up was resolved, but not all problems were addressed.
Unresolved The issue brought up is still waiting a response.
Item A downloadable accessory is a main aspect of the post.


Fate/hollow ataraxia

Description Poster Notes BL Link
100% completed save file paper2k1 Item (post)


Fate/stay night

Description Poster Notes BL Link
Game trial Japanese language problems Evaron Resolved (thread)
Major installation and runtime bugs mushashiken Partially Resolved




Melty Blood / Melty Blood ReAct (Technical)

Post Information Poster Notes BL Post
MBR trial and comments EvoSpace (thread)


Tsukihime (月姫)

Post Information Poster Notes BL Post
Supposed installation "lock-up" on Win2K Xelic Thread (link)

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