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Original \"WAIT! Is your question answered already?\" thread.





Where can I buy Tsukihime?

\"Where can I buy Tsukihime?\" (1 page)

Where can I find the Tsukihime font?

\"Tsukihime Text Font\" (1 page)


Melty Blood


Where can I get the game?

Website: Palet Mail Service web store


Where can I download the game?

Not here. And don't ask.


How do I play this game (technical)?

Windows XP and at least 32mb video card recommended

Control Panel -> Region and Language Setting -> Languages -> Intall East Asian Language

Control Panel -> Region and Language Setting -> Advanced -> Japanese

Install the original Metly Blood

Install the Melty Blood RE-ACT to a different folder

Update it to MBR Final Tuned


Gamepad highly recommended

Keyboard controls for player 1

(arrow keys): directions

(N) - Button 1: confirm, weak attack

(M) - Button 2: cancel, medium attack

( , ) - Button 3: Random selection, strong attack

( . ) - Button 4: change color, shield

(F5) - pause, menu


Melty Blood ReACT Final Tuned patch (ver2.501b, It will over write all patch from 2.000~2.501a)

Website: Melty Blood Mirror Page


boss character unlocker (unofficial hack)

Website: http://onionimu.hp.infoseek.co.jp/usr/redcat/101/extradatxa15.html


Unofficial net patch

Affiliated Forum: MBR net play @ World of Eternity (1 page)


Who is White Ren?

\"Who exactly is White Ren?\" (2 pages)

\"White Ren//Len?\" (3 pages)


Who is Sion?

\"Questions on Sion (Spoilers Possible)\" (4 pages)



\"Re-act music in Data00.p\" (2 pages)


Melty Blood Act Cadenza Information

\"Melty Blood Act Cadenza Event Info\" (33 pages)




Why did Shiki murder Arcueid

\"Tsukihime - After thoughts\" (2 pages)

\"The reason of Shiki's murder of Arcueid\" (4 pages)


Why is Ciel Immortal?

\"Why is Ciel immortal again?\" (2 pages)


Reality Marble

\"Combat Analysis: Countering Reality Marbles\" (3 pages)


Kurenai Sekishu

\"About Kurenaisekisyu....\" (1 page)



\"Random Deep topic: Dimensions in the TM world\" (2 pages)



\"Ayala Who?\" (4 pages)


Top Ten Dead Apostles

\"Ten Top Dead Apostle Ancestors\" (2 pages)



\"What is ORT?\" (5 pages)



\"On Magic and Magicians\" (2 pages)



\"The Church Organization (Spoilers, maybe?)\" (8 pages)


Forum Avatars

\"typemoon avatars\" (1 page)

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