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Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 10 months ago

Top -> Beast's Lair Events


Beast's Lair Events


Why does this section exist? Because I said it does. What dictates "events?" I have no idea, but I usually have good idea.


It all began with this... (post)


Changes to Moonlit World


(11/11/05 @ 00:37) - Fate/hollow ataraxia section is created. (post)

(11/19/05 @ 12:49) - Hollow Ataraxia Encylopedia section is created. (post)


Ryuusoul's Exit

(7/22/05 @ 17:20) - Ryuusoul auctions his TYPE-MOON artifacts to the masses. (thread)

(7/29/05 @ 23:01) - The Farewell from the Duke of Doujin and the Defender of Blonde Royalty. (post)


The Return of Ryuusoul

(1/21/06 @ 18:07) - Original thread/post. (thread)

(1/21/06 @ 18:22) - Fanboy Enthusiasm. (post)

(1/21/06 @ 23:07) - Contemplation of return?! (post)

(1/22/06 @ 21:20) - He's back! (post)



Miscellaneous Stuff...


The first signs from Evaron. (post)


One (of many projects) that sssssz would want to do. (post)

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